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Summer Activities

Pre-Vocational Job Training

*To help improve social skills, language skills, and  learn about money transactions, teens at Carousel Farm sponsor a daily “camp store."  Items such as whistles, small balls, jewelry, sweet treats, and other small “treasures”  can be purchased at the store.  Teens learn to put price stickers on goods, greet their "customers", give change, and count the proceeds.

*Teens learn to care for farm animal pets (goats, chickens, lambs, pony, and donkey) and their surroundings through feeding, cleaning, and maintenance of the animals and their homes.

*Horticultural skills can be learned through plant and flower management in the green house and gadens.

*A food service supplies snacks and lunch to the summer program.  Job training includes learning to wrap silverware, cleaning and preparation for lunch, serving the lunch (be greeting campers and offering choices), packing up and cleaning up after lunch.

*Rainbow Academy, a summer day camp for children ages twelve months through twelve years on the property, offers opportunities for Carousel Farm teens to apprentice as "junior counselors" in caring for the needs of the young children.  Under the direction of a teacher at all times, as well as job coaches, the teens can learn decision making, problem solving, and supporting others. 

Life Skills

Activities involve being able to communicate information about oneself (interviewing for a job), demonstrating some proficiency in using a telephone, understanding and appropriately handling situations involving money, learning coping strategies for handling everyday stress, appropriate dress and care of clothing, keeping oneself clean, maintaining a clean room, obtaining food and other related tasks.  Our program is licensed by the Department of Education, Division of Private Academic Schools.   

Music, Movement, and Drama

Singing, instruments, costumes, role playing, and laughter combine to make a joyous creative activity! We engage in both improvisational and rehearsed performances.  


“Getting messy” is always fun!  In our air-conditioned art room, the artistic spirit, fine motor skills, and sensory experiences are heightened. Projects often involve engaging with creative weekly themes.


Bright colored flowers and vegetables are cared for by our teenagers at Carousel Farm.  Butterflies, insects, and other special creatures are always a delight to find!

Basketball Hoops

Shooting hoops is always a summer favorite!


Soccer, kickball, baseball, field hockey, ga-ga, running races, and of course, flying kites, are perfect opportunities to laugh with your friend.

Picnic Grove Activities

Shaded areas provide respite from the summer heat, as does our air conditioned building and swimming pools.  

Horseback Riding 

Equestrian therapy increases balance, awareness of body and space, and builds confidence.  Grooming our two horses and pony is also a wonderful sensory experience.

Petting Zoo

Our lambs and goats, red hens, Rosalina the donkey, and horses are always eager to be pet by gentle hands. Our camp dogs are ready to play fetch!    In our nature and art classroom, there is an observational bee hive for children to watch the busy bees create honey.


Aquatic therapy takes place in our two heated pools and wading pool.  


Carousel Farm offers fun recreation and respite activities that occur throughout school year. Dances, overnights, and weekend trips to the Pocono Mountains are great ways to increase independence, make new friends, and reconnect with old pals!


At each dance, we enjoy pizza and soda, dancing to the latest music hits, and ice cream sundaes with favorite toppings.   Following each dance, we host an overnight.  Friends are welcome to stay to watch a movie together. Breakfast and a special morning activity is included.

Overnight pick-up time is 12 o’clock the following morning.  

Pocono Mountain Trips

A great way to spend an extended time with friends.  Details for weekend trips are:

  • Friday night we meet at camp at 6 pm.  We then drive in Carousel Farm vans to Dairy Queen and enjoy a special sweet treat.  We continue to drive to Lake Harmony, Pocono Mountains.  We arrive at a rented house at approximately 9 pm.
  • On Saturday, we wake up to sunshine and enjoy a breakfast together.  We begin a day of adventure.  Activity choices such as horseback riding, hiking, a visit to local historical sights, a movie or bowling, swimming in an indoor pool, and a pizza dinner provide us with a fun- filled day. 
  • On Sunday, we have breakfast and then set off for a scenic hike in the green mountains.  We enjoy playing sports activities in the park and a picnic lunch.  We prepare for departure and arrive back at Carousel Farm at 3 pm.  We always have many stories and tales to share!